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Leverage your Linkedin Marketing with 3 TipsAre you Linkedin?

More than a year ago, I started my Linkedin profile for my business. After all, Linkedin is an excellent social media site to find real professionals and conduct business with.

I recently noticed that Linkedin has gone through some major, yet very attractive “face lift” which I personally liked but wanted to learn how to leverage using the new features.

I came across Stephanie Sammons, one of Social Media Examiner writers who wrote a great post indicating all the new changes and updates.

Stephanie illustrated that on your Linkedin home page, you’ll see a status update box for all the news feed from comments, to status to shares. If you click on Linkedin Today, this will take you to further relevant stories among your network of contacts.

One of the new nice features is the ability to filter your updates stream of information. On the home page, there is a drop down menu on the right side that says “All Updates”. If you click on that, you can filter your stories by shares, companies, groups…etc. Neat, hah?

Here are Stephanie’s 3 main tips to help leverage your Linkedin marketing:

1. Frequently update your status:

3-5 updates per day is recommended. This will show you as active and will make your profile more visible.3 Ways of Leveraging your Linkedin

2. Increase your image use in your status:

Do we need to talk about the importance of using images again? Images are crucial to use in any social media as they get lots of attraction.  But in Linkedin, you can’t upload an image directly, unlike Facebook. The only way to do so is by attaching a link which normally shows an image. One of the new Linkedin updates is that images are bigger now in size so you can leverage this feature for your business marketing strategy. Don’t you agree that images are attractive?

I just created that picture….I thought it’s funny :)

3. Get active! Check out these 2 new features:

  • First, you can now click on “Trending in Your Network” on Linkedin Today to view specific news stories that have been shared by your connections.
  •  Second, you can like, comment, share and save news stories on LinkedIn Today.

I liked Stephanie’s post as I personally like to read updates on social media channels that will keep me informed with all new online marketing strategies and techniques to implement. Her recommendations are simple, yet effective to better improve Linkedin network and business connections.

Honestly social media and internet marketing now are HUGE as you can reach excellent qualified leads that will double your income.

So DON’T MISS OUT and make more money online with my proven marketing tips and tactics.


To Your Success,
Niveen Salem

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