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9 Tactics to Increase Your Facebook EngagementIf you’re wondering how to increase your fans engagement on your Facebook Fan Page, Andrea Vahl shares 9 Facebook marketing tactics in her article:

1. Get Personal

Connect with your fans on a personal level. Let them know your likes, dislikes, what you had for lunch…etc. Build a personal relationship with your audience prior to building the business one.

2. Use Pictures

Pictures are eye-catching and illustrative. They will not only entertain your fans but educate them and inform them better about your brand. Make use of this feature on Facebook as pictures appear big on the news feed. Andrea showcased the Home Depo fan page as an example. They asked their fans questions about a picture of a product and they featured one of their employees.

3. Run a Contest

Running a contest is a fun Facebook marketing strategy that will increase your pages likes, shares and comments

4. Have Fun

Infuse humor into your business and your Facebook posts. It’s an effective way to communicate on social media branding yourself and your business by appealing emotionally to them.

5. Showcase a Cause

Support a cause on your Fan Page through holding an event. This is a smart way to get the community’s attention and interaction on a shared concern or issue

6. Use Facebook’s Features

Pin and highlight your posts using Facebook’s features such as apps. These features will draw attention to your page and keep the pinned or highlighted subjects talked about by your audience.

7. Consider Using Your Personal Profile

If you’re a realtor, artist, plumber…etc a one man show kind of business, you may consider using your personal profile to showcase your business. You may not need a Fan Page for marketing.

8. Crowdsource Your Content

Crowdsourcing is “the act of outsourcing tasks traditionally performed by an employee or contractor to an undefined, large group of people or community (a “crowd”), through an open call”. You can achieve that through these 3 ways:

  • Get Your Customers’ Feedback
  • Create Contests and Giveaways
  • Run a Survey or a Poll

9. Love Your Fans

Show your love and appreciation to your fans by commenting back on their comments – whether positive or negative. This will increase your shares, likes and comments and definitely increase your fans engagement!

Andrea  managed to illustrate the 9 tips through great examples from small to big businesses that made it easy to understand each point!

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