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Find Out The Best Way to Find Content and Engaging Your ReadersHow can you engage your readers in your blog?

What are the best tips for creating great content?

Writing fresh new content in your blog is imperative to attracting new prospects and lead them down the sales funnel. The best way to do that is through answering their questions and concerns. If you understand your prospects needs, you’ll be writing about it and engaging them in a their concerned issues.

In a great article by Rich Brooks, he highlighted 3 valuable tactics for writing dynamic blog content:

1. Be the Resource Your Customers Really Need

When you write a post, it has to address their problems and suggested solutions. A great way to find out your customers problems is by asking:

  • You can do that by creating a survey using free tools like Survey Monkey or Google Docs. Rich provided an informative video tutorial to walk you through Google Docs.
  • You can then grab the major keywords in the answers and go to  Google’s Adword Keyword Tool for find out other competitive phrases that you can use.
  • Enhance your search and take it one step further when you search these keywords on Google Insights for Search. You will generate great insights by looking at the Top Searching and Rising Searches. Rising Searches will give you an idea about what will be the future topic and keywords to use for your blog! Pretty neat!
  • The last thing you need to do is to plug your keywords into Google Alerts

2. Answer the Unanswered Questions

Your readers will probably send questions in comments on in email to the blog. You need to answer them back either in an email or in another blog post that will be addressed to all giving you more valuable content.

3. Find the Questions Your Customers are Asking

Now this point if pretty interesting. Using the same keywords you’ve previously collected, you can now use these tools: Quora, Yahoo Answers, LinkedIn Answers and Keyword Questions to find the questions they’re asking.

Rich’s article pays a close attention to the vitality of any blog by engaging your readers and THAT is the best way of finding valuable content to write about. It goes in depth and and simple step format and easy links on how to do it.

As an avid student myself :) I’ve created a survey using Google Docs to help improve Elite Marketing Secrets.

Click here to see the format and share your thoughts.

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